A3 Pitch Rebrand

About This Project

Antena 3 TV was looking for a rebranding, and commissioned TOCH Studio for some conceptual proposals.

We accepted its kind invitation, and decided to create a rebranding matching the new spirit of the TV Channel. We produced two lines. First, and our recommendation, a line centered in the concept “Reinventing TV”. We also cleaned up slightly its logo, and made a connection between its brand color spectrum and a typical, old-fashioned TV Test Card, using the bumpers to change from an initial 2D to real 3D renovation. In our second proposal, we turned its logo inside down! We kept the logo counter, the aperture, and made a transformation to a kind of hole, a magic mirror, under the concept umbrella: “A New Window”.

Unfortunately (for us) Antena 3 did not count with our proposals, but we were extremely happy with the ride and the results, so we would like to share them with you because some works do not deserve to be lost in oblivion.

Special thanks to Simon Smith, for the cool sound.

Art direction.
Motion Graphics.
Juanma Mota, Per Christian
Simon Smith, Bcnsound
Antena 3

Branding, Broadcast