Fox Sports One

About This Project

We are proud to show you our first International Pitch directly contacted by the Client, FOX International.

FOX gave us a complex brief: They wanted all Local FOX Sports Channels Network to be reunited this summer in one big Cable Network, to compete with ESPN!

So FOX needed a powerful new brand new image that would go with the new channel, FOX SPORTS 1.

Unfortunately, they changed strategies, and they are not going to use the new Brand Image we developed for them, but they, nevertheless, kindly gave us permission to show the work, even after pay for it. Awesome people!

We called the concept we developed STREAMER. With it, we showed different sport grounds as materials that would later be used to build something like a roller coaster. Then, the camera would surf the coaster and end up lookin at a FOX logo made from all the different sports’ materials.

The idea was to make one logo for each of the different sports they were going to show in FOX SPORTS 1: basket, soccer, baseball, car races, and so on.

When the Channel was launched, they would use a special FOX logo using all ground materials together.

Hope you enjoy the ride. Literally.


Creative Direction.
Tavo Ponce
Art Direction.
Juanma Mota, Rafael Merino, Tavo Ponce
Fox Sport

Boards, Branding, Broadcast