Inspirational 11 Open Titles

About This Project

When the IAB called, we listened. They wanted us to produce the tittles for their Autumn event, Inspirational11.

We were more than happy to say yes, and then, we went into a maelstrom of production. Why? We had an idea about a little girl surrounded by her own future/past life, a life of things that inspired her during two decades, and how this “yellow bricks road” led her to be an “Inspired” person today. Camera copters, sun, rain, render farms, energy power and wind conspired against, but we succeeded at the end. Combustion helped a lot with the amazing sound! Hope you enjoy it!

Direction & Production.
Toch Studio
Sound Design.
Kiko Postigo
Candela del Barrio
Javier Núñez
Make Up.
María Zamorano
V.O. Recording.
Estudios XLR
Voice over.
Isabel Fernández
IAB Spain

Event, Titles