MadInSpain 11 Open Titles

About This Project

Domestika commissioned TOCH Studio with MadInSpain Open titles 2011 two months before the event toke place.

We accepted proudly the invitation and then we realized we needed to find a concept for the titles. Well, we had an incredible group of artists and Studios from all over the World, just connected with their passion, creativity, and some kind of thing that we liked to consider a sort of madness. Madness. MAD.
We had some strong visual ideas, and the thought of the general MADNESS involved in the creative process. And then, one day, someone said aloud a wonderful quote by the roman poet Virgilio: “Fortuna iuvat audaces!” Luck helps the brave!! YES! and Musas love madness also, Musa Amat Dementes, MAD initials.
And this way, the Musas of the Arts came to the Studio and stayed with us for one month. A weird visit!

Hope you like their wanderings. If not, don’t tell her. These Women have strong personalities!

Special thanks to the awesome sound by John Black, CypherAudio’s Czar. He is one of Terpsicore’s favorites. We don’t know how can he stand her all day long. One month of Calliope has been enough for us!

Thanks a lot to Pablo Abad. He deserves a very and special mention. Really!

Direction & Production.
Toch Studio
Sound Design.
Pablo Albacete
Typography Design.
Pablo Abad
Isolda Crossier
Javier Núñez
Make Up.
Rebeca Pulido
D.O.P. Assistant.
Míriam Barral
Special Thanks.

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