Neox Pitch Rebrand

About This Project

Antena 3 TV launched a competition with several studies to give new look to its youth channel Neox. We accept the challenge and open Neox literally, finding in a world of fun for those who know and feel young.We changed the Neox logo into a label with 4 light boxes in it, metallic textures that give realism and conviction to the channel letters. We used light boxes to support the shape of geometric figures that accompany the various elements of the graphics package.”The fun is in Neox” is the claim we choose to explain the development of the concept and demonstrate it by opening the boxes and small neon worlds of robotic elements, filled with neon lights and put a touch of quitch and fun, fluorescent substances and surrounding liquids, in a landscape where everything goes to game speed.

Direction & Produccion.
Toch Studio
Art direction & Motion.
Tavo, Juanma Mota
Datarock – “The pretender”
Antena 3

Branding, Broadcast