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About This Project

Melbourne based Pause Fest asked for some collaboration for its 2012 annual Event Edition.

They were preparing an “ongoing manifestation of the World’s most digitally creative minds” Wow! We were delighted, flattered and yes, agreed, Pause Fest, they are a global community, international, and bright, and we were eager to produce something special for them.

We, as a creative team, decided to make an evolutionary step ahead, in Art Direction and Production. Going to the Future!

We counted on some inestimable help our friends Aimar Molero, master of the sound, and Camilo Guamán, character animator.

We produced a short story about a post apocalyptic future, with one last man and one last way out.

Places we are all used to see fully alive, are shown like deserted scenarios now, and desolation invades our spirit.

We are currently working in a making off piece, explaining the processes we went through.

Hope you enjoy all.

Direction & production.
Toch Studio
Art Direction & 3D Animation.
Rafael Merino, Juanma Mota, Tavo Ponce
Character Animation.
Camilo Guamán
Aimar Molero
Pause Festival

Event, Titles